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what inspires you?  where do you keep your ideas?

i know the process of creating is an incredibly nebulous task
but one thing that has helped me the most is keeping a journal

the collection of ideas, images, objects, and singular events act as documentation to our entire practice.
now this usually goes without saying, but for every journal i make [oooh one for images, one for text, one for stories, one for poems, tweets, daily routines - i've been on and off journaling for 11 years]
and i find it to be the one coherent thread in me
and while i create these most private - the places i work out thoughts, ideas, emotions - i feel they exist independently as scanned spreads.

in retrospection, evolution is spotted and glitchy at best - but it's still there
and as i get older i have become more aware of my actions, my body, and my surroundings


piss poor

Photo 151


ultra lame


cereal roark 01


inkblot prawn


multi witamina